Starry Starry Nights

‘Starry, Starry Nights’, is a program presented by Chef Patrick O’Connell featuring Michelin-starred chefs of Washington D.C.

Each evening will celebrate a Michelin-starred chef and will include a cocktail reception, followed by dinner at Patty O’s Café featuring the favorite dishes from their restaurant’s ‘family meal’. This is a rare opportunity for a glimpse behind the scenes of D.C.’s finest restaurants and their creators.

Reserve online or Call 540-675-3800


Upcoming Evenings

Monday 2/19/24

Danny Lledó


Now Accepting Reservations

Monday 3/11/24

Rob Rubba

Oyster Oyster

Now Accepting Reservations

Announcement Coming Soon

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Reservations Include:

  • An overnight stay in one of The Inn’s 23 five-star luxury guestrooms, including a welcome cocktail and The Inn’s afternoon tea service.

  • An invitation to the cocktail reception with the guest chef prior to dinner.

  • A dinner at Patty O’s Café with the menu designed by the guest chef starring favorite dishes from family meal at their Michelin-starred restaurant(s), including wines.

  • House breakfast the following morning at The Inn at Little Washington’s main dining room.

Reserve online or Call 540-675-3800


What is Family Meal?

A longtime tradition in the restaurant industry, “family meal” is prepared to nourish the staff prior to service.

Family meals can provide the chef with a creative outlet to test inspiring new ideas, and express love to their restaurant ‘family’.

Over time, certain family meal dishes can become traditions, and are prepared to celebrate milestone occasions. Those who have worked in restaurants can attest that some of the best meals of their lives have been around the family meal table.

Chef O’Connell’s vision for ‘Starry, Starry Nights’ is to provide an opportunity for you to become part of a great chef’s ‘family’ for an evening.

Can I attend the reception and/or dinner without a room reservation?

A limited number of dinner-only tickets may become available after The Inn’s guestrooms are fully committed. Follow the Inn at Little Washington on social media for updates.